Welcome to NC2U

When the team behind Noosa Confidential decided to create a program people could complete from home with a lower price but the same hallmarks and philosophy they were known for, NC2U was born.

We understand not everyone is able to leave their everyday lives for months at a time and commit financially to a residential program. So we’ve designed NC2U to level out the playing field and give all Australians access to top healthcare support that can bring about lasting change.

NC2U in a Nutshell

NC2U is all about offering a cost-effective healthcare pathway for people to reclaim control of their physical and mental health by gaining new insights about themselves and learning a healthier approach to eating, moving, breathing and thinking, largely from their location of choice.

6-week Program

NC2U is a six week non-residential program with an evidence-based focus.

Personal Support

Each client receives intensive support at NC2U’s headquarters for a three to five day period and stays in touch with our team from then through Skype, phone and reporting apps.

Integrated Therapies

NC2U brings together the best of traditional and complementary therapies to treat a range of health issues.

Location of your choice

The majority of the program is able to be completed from home or from your location of choice.

Cost Effective

NC2U has been designed to be a cost effective healthcare pathway for people looking to reclaim control of their health.

How is NC2U different?

What differentiates NC2U from other non-residential programs is its holistic focus and the way it uncovers any underlying factors at hand and works with clients to tackle those issues head on to progress towards long-term wellness.

We have also built accountability into the heart of our program, as we believe it is important to walk alongside our clients to empower them to take the lead in navigating their own path. We do this through checking in with our clients daily and arming them with the technology to record their food and supplement intake, exercise patterns and general progress to help us stay connected with their journey and keep them motivated to continue. So, although we may be far away we couldn’t be closer.

Every NC2U client has access to Australia’s leading health professionals who look that little bit closer to treat both the symptoms and the cause. Not only that, but the practitioners themselves keep each other updated over the course of the program to ensure all treatment is as integrated and relevant as possible.

Is NC2U right for me?

NC2U caters for clients from all walks of life, from those seeking a lifestyle overhaul and more energy to people experiencing addiction, mental health issues, chronic pain, hormonal issues and personal trauma.

Every client is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of integrated doctors, naturopaths, psychotherapists, exercise physiologists and food as medicine specialists who are firmly committed to each client’s progress.

How much does NC2U cost?

The NC2U program starts at $8,959 for clients with Medicare, with additional complementary treatments available for purchase. An intensive support program is also provided to support patients after they complete NC2U.

Some Noosa Confidential clients choose to follow their residential stay with the NC2U program, which they will complete in a shorter period over four weeks.

In certain cases NC2U will refer clients who are experiencing a crisis and require more intensive support to the Noosa Confidential residential program.

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